Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Starting off

So, Seka.

Well maybe at some point I will give you a blow by blow account of who we are and how we came to be. But not all at once and not all now. That seems far too linear. What I will say though is that when we first set up we chose the name Seka because it means to laugh in chiNyanja the lingua franca of our original area of operation. It also incidentally stands for Sensitisation and Education through Kunda Arts, because for some reason at the time I thought acronyms were important and the only way to be taken seriously. I now think quite the opposite!

Anyway, what I didn't know at the time is Seka is a famous and well loved (it would seem) porn star and that if you google Seka you get pages and pages of info on her. (go on, try, I know you want to!)

Oh hi. You came back. Here's our website if you're still interested.

So not too much all at once. For now a couple of pictures of our latest performance


  1. Go tell it from the beginning! This is such a wondrous story, with you as a little girl playing with the loval children (one of who was eaten by a croc), and you learning to speak their language, and then after your studies you coming back to Zambia and how the ideas began dancing in your head... come on, let us participate!

  2. You have something so special here Miranda, it's good to keep this record, and i'm really looking forward to learning more.

    and, your giving seka a more respectable name.
    haha. so funny, i did not google, i'll take your word for it.